The Democrats’ Coming Racial Retribution.

In case you haven’t noticed Black America is #Woke. America is a racist country that oppresses people of color.  Colin Kaepernick says so and President Obama agrees.  Liberal black elites are angry and they are ready to take action…or at least have a discussion about a conversation of action.

But where do black elites focus their righteous anger? Obviously at “police brutality”.  Not actual police officers, just the concept of “police brutality”.

Certainly they can’t hold the highest officer in the land, and leader of this oppressive nation responsible.  That would tarnish the sparkling legacy of the first black POTUS.  So Preezy gets a pass.  This man who is a symbol of black racial pride cannot fail, and certainly the black liberal elite are not going to to contribute to anything that might reflect poorly on Preezy.

But guess who won’t get a pass.


You know who hates feminists more than any Gamergater scoon?  Black feminists.  Sorry sorry, Feminists of Color. Don’t believe me, go do a twitter search for Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer.  At any given time there will be a number of Feminists of Color lambasting one of these two for their “toxic whiteness.”

Mrs. Clinton, who has already been blamed for “mass incarceration” of black people, has no chance of getting the same pass on racial issues that Obama has benefitted from.  In fact, the rumbling of discontent from POC would probably already be much greater if Clinton was facing a somewhat competent opponent.

But let’s say Mrs. Clinton overcomes her inability to connect with humans and becomes our next President.  What then?  The violence in poor black communities is not going to stop and there will certainly be more police shooting of unarmed POC.  These are decades old problems; it will take almost the entire NFL kneeling during the national anthem to fix this.

The question is whether the liberal press will cover these police shootings or be able to essentially cover them up.  They will certainly feel the impulse to ignore police shootings  to protect their candidate as they did with Obama in the first 6 years of his administration.

But how will #Woke America react to a liberal press, that is increasingly seen as untrustworthy, not covering police shootings?  Angrily would be my prediction.  And that is how liberals have wanted black people to be for decades, angry and pliable.

The problem is that I don’t think they can control the anger liberal media so gleefully fomented  during the birth of BLM.  People have more sources for information than ever and information is not as easy to control as it once was.  As a result, people are less easy to control.

After 8 years of Obama and 4 years of Hillary, they are going to have 12 years of Democratic White House control, as well as decades of Democratic control of black communities.  And you will not see a decrease in police shooting and most likely you will see an uptick in gun violence in poor communities.

At this point Trump’s “what do you have to lose” proposal will not seem that ill-conceived and insulting.  I highly doubt people that have been brought up to hate conservatives will suddenly start voting conservative.  More likely a fair number of black Democratic voters will become disgusted with the DNC for their lack of results.  As they should be; the DNC has been over promising and under delivering for decades.


Hillary will be the perfect lighting rod of privilege and toxic white feminism for black anger that should be focused currently at President Obama.  I doubt this will lead to the complete destruction of the Democratic party, but it could lead to Kanye 2020.  And there is nothing worse than having your party lead by an epic blowhard, with a gigantic ego, and no self control.


Vocal BLM Critic and Ferguson Activist Found Dead in Burning Car.


Mr. Seals was found dead in a burning car Tuesday, Sep 6th, 2016.

Darren Seals was at the heart of the Ferguson protests both before and after the media circus.  He took part in speaking out for his community and he did not shy away from controversial stances.


He did not like what he saw happening in the BLM movement and he was not the type of man to be silenced. He was a vocal critic of DeRay Mckesson, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros.  He was an activist for HIS community, not for BLM.  He should be remembered for his love of community.

Condolences to his family and swift justice to the person that commited this crime.

Colin Kaepernick is a Hero. Sean Combs is a Traitor.

Or at least that’s the word on Twitter.  And we all know it’s what is said on Twitter that really matters.

The Undefeated, “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture”, has run roughly 100 articles praising Colin Kaepernick and his boldly amorphous condemnation of….America?  Many articles have been written.  The battlefield is littered with corpses of strawmen from the great battle of “He has a right to voice his opinion.”.  It was a slaughter.

Now we have Sean “Diddy” Combs, who made some mildly controversial comments in an interview with Al Sharpton.  He basically said that black people should hold their vote until they are sure their voices are being heard. It’s the kind of thing my white privilege allows me to say with no backlash.  But not Mr. Combs.

There will be no articles  from”the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture” defending Mr. Combs right to voice his opinion and how patriotic he is just for doing so.  They will ignore his condemnation of President Obama rather than give it publicity.  And they are right to do so.  It is the smart political play.

Sean Combs is a dangerous figure to the Democratic Party.  He is a black man with a voice who does not tow a line.  Worse he is involved with charter schools.  He represents two of the gravest threats to the most important monopolies of the Democratic party.  The monolithic black vote and The Teachers Union.

He will receive the usual treatment of being ignored by the powerful and slandered by the anonymous.  The slings and arrows from the small are already coming.  The tune has changed from a few days ago when the left was championing a public figure’s right to voice their opinion.